Located in front of The Gathering Place of UCC Church
75 E. Market Street, Bethlehem, PA 18018
Every Saturday & Sunday 11:45AM-1:00PM

Free bagged lunches are provided to our community neighbors who may be experiencing food insecurity. Lunches are limited to one per person.

What You Might Find in a Lunch

Typically lunches will have some sort of protein, carbohydrate, dairy, something salty, something sweet, and something to drink. What could that look like?

Turkey sandwich with cheese

Hard-boiled egg

Peanut butter crackers

Fruit cup


  Water bottle

Where do the Lunches Come From?

Volunteers from organizations, churches, and the community create and provide the lunches served every weekend. Volunteers also run the Bagged Lunches every weekend.

How do I Know if I Qualify For a Free Lunch?

We recognize food insecurity has many faces and can effect many folks. Lunches are provided to anyone who arrives at the bagged lunches needing a lunch that day.